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Firm Hand Spanking - Free Movie Previews

UPDATED May 18 Join our Free Newsletter Firm Hand Spanking is a massive site that lives up to its promises of beautiful girls and perfect corporal punishments! If you like young students getting the hard spankings and corporal punishments they deserve, then Firm Hand Spanking is the right site for you! Have a look at these previews, selected from their more than 2,000 spanking, caning, strapping, flogging and paddling videos online.

May 18Glamorous Katya Nostrovia takes a bare bottom spanking from her Sugar Daddy

She's always complaining about her Sugar Daddy John Friday not giving her what she wants, but makes him mad when she wants to go to the Bermuda Triangle instead of the Mediterranean! Over his knee, bare bottom bouncing freely under his stinging hand, Katya Nostrovia takes her first spanking in a ...

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  73.6 %
May 18Lilian gets a bare bottom strapping for sneaking over to her parents' home

Staying with Uncle John means obeying his house rules, so when Celebrity Brat Lilian White heads back to her parents' home to collect things, she knows it means trouble. Will a two-tailed leather tawse across her bare ass make her toe the line? It sure makes her yelp and those jutting buns ripple at ...

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  75.6 %
May 18Blonde hottie Alison Miller goes over the knee for an epic bare-ass spanking

"Over the knee spanking is so popular with members, we decided to do an extra hand spanking scene for my Domestic Discipline series," Alison Miller smiled. John Friday clearly enjoys it, but will Alison agree to lie over his knee and bare her curvy bottom for a sound spanking? "Hell yes!" laughs ...

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  75.8 %
May 11Lilian's 12 strokes of the cane, touching toes, for letting the dog out

Entrusted with Uncle John's dog, Lilian White leaves the door open and the dog runs off. John Friday has this bubble-butt Celebrity Brat touch her toes and bare her bottom for 12 strokes with a springy rattan cane to teach her to take care of innocent pets. The yelps and stripes tell their own story ...

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  75.6 %
May 11Bare bottom paddling for Alison Miller after getting a $500 ticket in her lover's car
HDspankingm/fwooden paddle

Running a red light and not telling boyfriend John Friday about it costs Alison Miller's jutting bare bottom a smarting 13 swats with a long wooden paddle, setting those buns bouncing in Domestic Discipline. She lied, she knows it, now she has to pay the price with a red bottom! Stunning slow-motion ...

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  79.2 %
No job and not cleaning up at home earns Alison a 15-stroke caning

She doesn't have a job. She doesn't do any chores around the house. So what's a loving boyfriend to do, having moved in to help her pay the bills? John Friday lays a springy rattan cane across Alison Miller's ripe, curvy bare ass for some Domestic Discipline. Will 15 strokes leave their marks on ...

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  72.8 %
     82% · Bare bottom hairbrush spanking for Celebrity Brat Lilian White
     74% · Bare bottom soundly strapped - Belinda Lawson's Dreams of Spanking nightmare
     76% · Dreaded hairbrush spanking has Alison Miller squirming over the knee
     74% · Bare-ass 12-swat paddling has Lilian White's buttocks bouncing for theft
     78% · A bare-assed leathering with a strap teaches Alison Miller not to hit on other guys
     79% · Lilian White's bare bottom strapping for lying about working on a college project
     79% · Alison Miller's bare bottom spanked for being late to an important dinner
     71% · Leaving clothes all over the house means a spanking for bratty Lilian White
     75% · Belinda Lawson dreams of a sound bare bottom slippering bent over a school desk
     71% · New relationship, new spanker: Alison Miller learns disrespect equals a spanking!
     77% · Celebrity Brat Lilian White's visit with Uncle John means regular spankings
     74% · Series finale has Dolliah Hart caned on her bare bottom as a sorority initiation
     79% · Fighting with another student earns Yumi Bennett a stinging 10 with a paddle
     72% · Belinda Lawson's bouncing bare bottom epic spanking fast and hard, non-stop
     74% · Panties down for a sound spanking: petite Dolliah Hart feels the sting!
     74% · 12 strokes of the cane for marijuana possession - Yumi feels the bite of rattan
     77% · 25 strokes of the cane, totally nude: Pandora Blake pays for her tryst with Amelia
     79% · Getting fired from her job costs petite Dolliah Hart a 15-swat paddling
     77% · Yumi Bennett spanked long and hard for willfully breaking school dress-code
     79% · 24 strokes of the cane, totally naked, for "immoral" Amelia Rutherford
     60% · 16 strokes of the cane across Lily White's delicious bubble butt
     60% · Samantha Woodley feels a stinging leather tawse across her jiggling bare bottom
     66% · A warm, bare bottomed welcome back to Samantha Woodley as she's strapped!
     54% · Dani Daniels' beautiful bottom burns from the paddle, bringing her to tears
     67% · Hot senior cheerleader Dani Daniels' bare bottom spanked at Private School
     67% · Nikki Flynn suffers a bare bottom spanking at the hand of her frustrated director
     55% · Bottom on fire: Belinda's 24 with a stinging yard stick, legs in the air
     57% · Amelia Rutherford stripped totally nude and caned in Victorian drama
     63% · 45 with two leather tawses brings the burn to Belinda Lawson's bare bottom
     64% · Initiation goes wrong and Laurel Brooks pays for it with a hard 15-swat paddling!
     59% · Finale spanking by special request
     62% · Provoking an officer with a paddle in his hand isn't a good plan, Belinda learns!
Senior Kylee Anders is sent to The Principal's Office for the board of education
Totally nude, straddling a vault, Dani Daniels is turned on by a belting
Teary-eyed Monica Bouget feels the burn of the board on her tight buns
Strapped for not paying their phone bills: Stacy Stockton's bottom pays the price!
Amelia's most humiliating, spread strapping yet! Aversion therapy works...
Tears as Monica Bouget takes a bare bottom 70-swat spanking in her finale
A breakfast burrito costs Stacy Stockton a paddling in The Principal's Office
Bare bottom belting has top choreographer Amelia Rutherford's ass burning
Losing a modelling job costs Amelia Rutherford a tough 13-swat paddling!
Leggings earn Alison Miller an old-fashioned strapping on her bare cheeks
Tough test for Belinda Lawson's bouncing bottom: a wooden clothes brush
Belinda Lawson finally admits she likes to be spanked by her boss!
Lateness and sarcasm get Belinda Lawson 19 strokes of the cane, bottom bare
College freshman Amber Davies bends over for the board at her sorority!
Skin tight skirt over pert booty cheeks, then bottom bared for the cane
Ultra-flexible gymnast Anna Grant superbly spanked for misuse of her cellphone
Dani Daniels sets Alison Miller's bottom on fire with a wooden paddle
Spectacular cheek wobbling bare spanking for Belinda Lawson's disrespect
Sassy college freshman Amber Davies spanked bare for disrespect
Jodi Biltmore paddled for theft, feeling the burn of the board on bare skin!
Hottie Tara Somerville spanked bare bottom in school uniform, over the knee!
Spanked and slippered at her own request: Belinda Lawson's bottom reddens up
Wearing leggings costs Camilla Scott a 12-swat paddling in The Principal's Office
Finale hairbrush for journalist Portia Marlowe brings on tears in The Big Story

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