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Firm Hand Spanking - Free Movie Previews

UPDATED March 22 Join our Free Newsletter Firm Hand Spanking is a massive site that lives up to its promises of beautiful girls and perfect corporal punishments! If you like young students getting the hard spankings and corporal punishments they deserve, then Firm Hand Spanking is the right site for you! Have a look at these previews, selected from their more than 2,000 spanking, caning, strapping, flogging and paddling videos online.

Mar 22Getting fired from her job costs petite Dolliah Hart a 15-swat paddling
HDwooden paddlef/fspanking

Losing a job on Day 1 is bad enough, but when bratty Dolliah Hart heads home stepsister Alison decides a paddling is needed. First on panties, then totally bare bottom, Dolliah takes 15 cheek-quivering swats that send shockwaves through her bubble butt in Sisterly Feelings. Epic slow-motion ...

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  78.6 %
Mar 20Yumi Bennett spanked long and hard for willfully breaking school dress-code
HDunusual implementsm/fspankingasian

A super-short plaid skirt and crop top challenge the rules at Private School. Elegant Yumi thinks she's making a fashion statement, but all she gets is a resounding bare bottom spanking with a ping pong paddle. Rapid-fire smacks flip her skirt in the air as tears start to flow and her wails grow ...

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  76.9 %
Mar 1724 strokes of the cane, totally naked, for "immoral" Amelia Rutherford
caningm/fspankingfully nude

Caught innocently nude in bed with her maid, Amelia is soundly caned still naked. Pandora Blake is forced to watch her new friend thrashed, knowing it's her turn next. Will Amelia be able to take the full 24 strokes? Will she run away with Pandora? Will Uncle Henry burst a blood vessel caning them ...

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  78.6 %
Mar 15Traditional over-the-knee spanking for bratty Dolliah Hart

With a step-sister like Alison Miller, Dolliah knows a spanking isn't far away in Sisterly Feelings! Her bare bottom is turned a satisfying, bouncing red under Alison's firm hand, humiliatingly put across her knee. "I still had marks from the paddle but Alison didn't ease off one bit," said Dolliah. ...

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  73.4 %
Mar 13Alcohol on campus? Yumi Bennett's bare bottom strapped and spanked

Yumi Bennett knows the rules at Private School, so why break them? Bringing wine to campus deserves a harsh punishment. Mr Friday's leather strap and firm hand deliver a bottom-quivering, tear-inducing spanking to remember. Shorts down, hands on the fireplace, Yumi assumes position for some ...

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  69.4 %
Mar 1036-strike bare bottom birching for Pandora Blake: takes the blame for Amelia

It's the ultimate sacrifice: take a bare-ass birching for your friend, to prevent her being punished again. Lying over a wooden frame at the foot of the stairs, Pandora Blake's bare buttocks are presented for 36 with a birch rod, despite Amelia Rutherford's frantic pleas to let her off in Maid for ...

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  72.5 %
     75% · The dreaded wooden paddle leaves its mark on Dolliah Hart's bare bottom
     78% · 16 strokes of the cane for cheating on a test: Yumi Bennett pays a painful price
     80% · Strapped bare bottom with her uncle's belt after a mouth-soaping for profanity
     76% · Bare cheeks turned a bouncing red, Dolliah Hart learns to ask permission
     76% · Stealing from other students? It's a bare bottom paddling for Yumi Bennett!
     80% · Amelia Rutherford's bare bottom thrashed with a switch for bad school report
     76% · Riding whip punishment for petite Dolliah Hart for taking her sister's food
     79% · Yumi's bouncing bare bottom strapped for leaving campus without permission
     69% · Amelia's humiliating spanking in front of the maid teaches her obedience
     69% · A strap teaches petite Dolliah Hart that not doing chores can be painful
     75% · Dress-code violation earns Yumi Bennett's bouncing bottom a strapping
     71% · Time for a long overdue spanking: Amelia Rutherford goes over her uncle's knee!
     79% · Dolliah Hart finds out that a sore bottom is the swift result for disobedience
     81% · Welcome Yumi Bennett: sound bare bottom spanking for a student with attitude!
     70% · A bottom-warming welcome for British star Pandora Blake, a maid for spanking!
     55% · Ten swat school paddling for Samantha Woodley in cheerleader special
     57% · Nikki Flynn's last-ever video as her bare bottom is justly punished
     69% · Amelia Rutherford's bare bottom suffers in epic finale to her Victorian series
     62% · Amelia Rutherford and Nikki Flynn double strapping, stunningly bare bottomed!
     60% · Samantha Woodley feels a stinging leather tawse across her jiggling bare bottom
     63% · Bare bottom spanking for naval officer Belinda Lawson for fraud
     63% · Dani Daniels spanked over the knee in school uniform, bottom bare: perfect!
     67% · Tearful finale from Dani Daniels as her bare bottom is strapped with a belt
     59% · 15 swats with a wooden paddle from Principal Grey
     68% · Glamorous French college senior spanked
     69% · College cutie Laurel Brooks soundly spanked and whipped for dropping a grade
     53% · "I hate the paddle," says stunning Dani Daniels after visiting the Principal's Office
     62% · From pale and creamy to fiery red, Belinda Lawson asks for a spanking!
     62% · Stripped nude and bent over
     62% · Rapid fire leather paddle spanking gives Alison Miller's bare bottom the burn
     56% · A long, hard, bare bottom spanking for Samantha Woodley after a security breach
     58% · Will 14 burning strokes of the cane cure Alison Miller of computer games
Losing a modelling job costs Amelia Rutherford a tough 13-swat paddling!
Flight attendant Amelia Rutherford is spanked at a witness safe house
Jodi Biltmore paddled for theft, feeling the burn of the board on bare skin!
Amelia's most humiliating, spread strapping yet! Aversion therapy works...
Totally nude, straddling a vault, Dani Daniels is turned on by a belting
Tough test for Belinda Lawson's bouncing bottom: a wooden clothes brush
Domestic argument blows up to a hand and wooden spoon spanking for Stacy
Wearing leggings costs Camilla Scott a 12-swat paddling in The Principal's Office
Gymnast Anna Grant bare her bottom for a well-deserved lesson in timekeeping
Stripped nude, Belinda Lawson feels the metre rule across her bare bottom
Strict Reform Academy lights up Jodi Biltmore bare bottom with a paddling
Dani Daniels? stinging wooden Jokari paddle sets Belinda Lawson's bottom alight
The hottest, sexiest spanking ever shot at Firm Hand: Dani Daniels rules!
Our hottest video ever? Kylee Anders stripped, strapped and spanked to tears
Will a bare bottom strapping teach Alison Miller not to cheat?
Stacy Stockton visits The Principal's Office to bend over for a paddling
New girl at school Sascha Bennett spanked for ?unacceptable hairstyle
?I want a proper spanking,? demands top adult star Dani Daniels, bottom bare
Cut-off denim shorts are not allowed at school: Belinda takes the paddle
Celebrate 2016 with Belinda Lawson bent over nude for a 12-swat paddling!
Tears of contrition from gymnast Anna Grant in spanking and strapping finale
Anna Grant over Earl Greyss knee for a long attitude adjustment spanking
Hottie Tara Somerville spanked bare bottom in school uniform, over the knee!
A behind-the-scenes exclusive with Stacy Stockton and Alison Miller

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