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Firm Hand Spanking - Free Movie Previews

Firm Hand Spanking is a massive site that lives up to its promises of beautiful girls and perfect corporal punishments! If you like young students getting the hard spankings and corporal punishments they deserve, then Firm Hand Spanking is the right site for you! Have a look at these previews, selected from their more than 2,000 spanking, caning, strapping, flogging and paddling videos online.

Jan 23Nikki Flynn's last-ever video as her bare bottom is justly punished

After mocking her friend Amelia, and encouraging Christian Fennington to punish her harder, it's Nikki Flynn's turn to bend over for her last-ever bare bottom whacking for What the Dickens? A selection of stinging leather straps, a springy cane and a bottom-quivering large wooden brush test Nikki's ...

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Jan 21Amelia Rutherford's bare bottom suffers in epic finale to her Victorian series

Two and three-tailed leather straps, a horse-hide strop, rattan cane and wooden clothes brush have stunning Amelia Rutherford yelping as her bare bottom is firmly tanned in this funny and painful finale behind the scenes of What the Dickens? Nikki Flynn encourages Mr Fennington to swing harder - ...

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Jan 18Amelia Rutherford and Nikki Flynn double strapping, stunningly bare bottomed!

What a picture! Amelia and Nikki lie bare bottomed over the back of an armchair to be soundly strapped, legs kicking and yelping loudly in a behind-the-scenes treat from What the Dickens? They've both been rude to Frank (Christian Fennington) and he's encouraged by the director to punish them, amid ...

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Jan 16Samantha Woodley feels a stinging leather tawse across her jiggling bare bottom

Richard Anderson metes out tough justice as Samantha Woodley's uncle Guy. She's trashed his security clearance by compromising his laptop and phone. Now he takes it out on the perfect target of her spectacularly bare bottom, cheerleader skirt raised, kneeling on a chair. "Stick it out!" he barks. ...

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Jan 13Amelia's bare bottom burns from a spanking with a large wooden brush
spankingm/funusual implements

"The director had this HUGE wooden clothes brush. He'd already make Nikki yell with it, so when he told me to bend over I nearly refused. It's hard!" said Amelia Rutherford after being severely spanked for posting on a forum. It's a candid glimpse behind the scenes of What the Dickens? with laconic ...

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Jan 11A long, hard, bare bottom spanking for Samantha Woodley after a security breach

A virtually non-stop, hard bare bottom spanking awaits beautiful brat Samantha Woodley after she compromises Mr Anderson's security clearance by contacting friends on his computer and phone. Never mess with a spook! She's over his knee for an ass blistering workout that brings tears to the eyes in ...

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Jan 09A wooden clothes brush burns Nikki Flynn's bare bottom as Amelia videos her!
spankingf/funusual implements

"It was humiliating to be spanked by the director," complains Nikki Flynn, "then Amelia decided to record it so she could upload my embarrassment!" It's a serious wooden brush spanking for posting insults on a forum: behind the scenes for What the Dickens? "But we're friends," says Amelia. Your turn ...

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New Year paddling special with Belinda Lawson
HDspankingm/ffully nudewooden paddlesevere

To celebrate 2017, Belinda Lawson agreed to strip nude and bend over, breasts and bottom bouncing and jiggling as she's firmly paddled to the chimes of London's Big Ben striking midnight on New Year's Eve. "I'm honoured to be chosen by Firm Hand for this New Year paddling!" says Belinda. Enjoy the ...

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12-swat paddling to tears in series finale of Dani Daniels' Private School
HDspankingf/fwooden paddlejeans spanking

Bending over to be paddled in the principal's office makes senior Dani Daniels very nervous. At Private School principal Reed decides on corporal punishment after she's written up for fighting. A three week suspension or 12 swats? The burn of the paddle has Dani in tears, as she reveals in an ...

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Hand strapping for gorgeous cheerleader Samantha Woodley
HDspankingm/fstrappalm punishment

"When they asked me to take a hand strapping, I was so nervous," admits Samantha Woodley after shooting Cheerleader Challenge. "It was every bit as bad as I expected and then some, it stung like a bitch!". Her uncle, Richard Anderson, is 'in loco parentis' and uses a short strap with holes for ...

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Nikki Flynn suffers a bare bottom spanking at the hand of her frustrated director
Cheating earns Dani Daniels a sobbing, tearful spanking with a slipper
Memorable bath brush spanking, bare bottom, for stunning Samantha Woodley
Amelia Rutherford spanked in a bottom- warming behind-the-scenes prequel
Our most dramatic ever video: Dani Daniels in meltdown as she's spanked
A warm, bare bottomed welcome back to Samantha Woodley as she's strapped!
Amelia Rutherford stripped totally nude and caned in Victorian drama
"I hate the paddle," says stunning Dani Daniels after visiting the Principal's Office
She's back! Top spanking star Samantha Woodley in exciting lost videos!
Amelia Rutherford spectacularly caned bare bottom for messing up a video shoot
Tears from the belt with senior Dani Daniels in varsity cheerleader uniform
Dani Daniels Spanking Audition videos discovered!
Hot senior cheerleader Dani Daniels' bare bottom spanked at Private School
Eye-watering bare bottom paddling and strapping for Belinda Lawson
Caned bare bottom: Nikki Flynn returns for the rod to stripe her cheeks
Stunning gymnast Dani Daniels spanked bare bottom for sassing a coach
A new tutor for Lilian - but she's still having her bare bottom spanked
Driving without a license
Bare bottom paddling for alcohol reduces pretty Corinne Hopkins to tears
Rich brat Lilian White discovers what a soundly spanked bottom feels like
A bare bottom spanking to make Alison Miller's eyes water in Spanking Challenge
Initiation goes wrong and Laurel Brooks pays for it with a hard 15-swat paddling!
Bare bottom bouncing, bent over a pool table, Corinne is soundly strapped
Failing tests earns Lilian White a stinging spanking
Delicious naval officer Melanie Taylor strapped by divine Dani Daniels
Will 14 burning strokes of the cane cure Alison Miller of computer games
15 swats with a wooden paddle from Principal Grey
Fast and furious paddling, bare bottom, as Belinda Lawson provokes Earl Grey
Belinda reports for punishment in her old school uniform, hoping for leniency
Stripped naked, Belinda Lawson willingly accepts her spanking and paddling
Michaela McGowen school paddling special
Audition spanking spectacular from our archives - Georgia Schafer tryout!
Epic hard fast 380-smack double spanking with Alison and Stacy: unmissable!
Gym-toned bare buns striped with a riding crop: Kylee Anders feels the burn
Bare bottom belting has top choreographer Amelia Rutherford's ass burning
Sassing sorority senior Dani Daniels earns Belinda Lawson a bare butt spanking
New clothes means a well-strapped behind for pretty blonde Belinda Lawson
College freshman Amber Davies bends over for the board at her sorority!
Amber Davies feels the burn on her bare bouncing butt cheeks
Dani Daniels takes a yard stick to Belinda Lawson's bare bottom
Our hottest video ever? Kylee Anders stripped, strapped and spanked to tears
Losing a modelling job costs Amelia Rutherford a tough 13-swat paddling!
18-stroke finale caning poolside tests Alison Miller's bottom to the limit
Senior Kylee Anders is sent to The Principal's Office for the board of education
Amber's tears in her finale spanking show this hot blonde is truly sorry
Jodi Biltmore paddled for theft, feeling the burn of the board on bare skin!
Bottom spanking journalism training for new reporter Portia Marlowe
Lateness and sarcasm get Belinda Lawson 19 strokes of the cane, bottom bare
Will a riding crop make Stacy Stockton appreciate the value of money?
Cutting class earns Stephanie Murray's gym-toned buttocks a 12-swat paddling!
Cut-off denim shorts are not allowed at school: Belinda takes the paddle
Stinging bare bottom 150 smack hairbrush spanking for Belinda Lawson
Gymnast Anna Grant bare her bottom for a well-deserved lesson in timekeeping
40 strokes of Mr Anderson's belt teaches Alison Miller a painful lesson
Nude 46-stroke strapping in the bath turns on Amelia Rutherford. Or does it?
Amelia's most humiliating, spread strapping yet! Aversion therapy works...


Domestic Corporal Punishments, Office Discipline and School Paddling... the Hairbrush, the Strap and the Cane...
Bottom bouncing, Karen Hughes is soundly spanked for her second tardy to work
Flight attendant Amelia Rutherford is spanked at a witness safe house
Tara Somerville totally nude finale, breasts and bottom bouncing with a spanking!
Spanked bare and hard! Will it improve Belinda Lawson's memory?
Karen Hughes feels the sharp sting of the cane for damaging a $30,000 mask
Caning finale leaves Belinda Lawson stripped nude and bottom striped
Celebrate 2016 with Belinda Lawson bent over nude for a 12-swat paddling!
Sorority sister 18-stroke caning teaches Belinda not to flirt with Dani Daniels
New girl at school Sascha Bennett spanked for ?unacceptable hairstyle
Strict Reform Academy lights up Jodi Biltmore bare bottom with a paddling
Trying to leave the safe house costs Amelia Rutherford a bare bottom caning
Spectacular cheek wobbling bare spanking for Belinda Lawson's disrespect
A breakfast burrito costs Stacy Stockton a paddling in The Principal's Office
12 teeth-clenching, bottom burning swats with a paddle for Belinda Lawson
The hottest, sexiest spanking ever shot at Firm Hand: Dani Daniels rules!
Hottie Tara Somerville spanked bare bottom in school uniform, over the knee!

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