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Firm Hand Spanking is a massive site that lives up to its promises of beautiful girls and perfect corporal punishments! If you like young students getting the hard spankings and corporal punishments they deserve, then Firm Hand Spanking is the right site for you! Have a look at these previews, selected from more than 2,300 (!!) spanking, caning, strapping and paddling videos, together with more than 60,000 High Quality Photo Artwork.

March 17Stripped nude, Michaela McGowen caned lying on her back in a new Director's Cut!Michaela McGowen totally naked and caned! Her athletic legs are high above her head as she lies back over the arm of a sofa, jutting buttocks perfectly positioned for Cindy Wallace's stinging cane.
March 10New Director's Cut: Stacy Stockton Spanks Amber DaviesAs director Lauren Holt says: 'I don't know who was more nervous when I directed Stacy Stockton giving her first spanking to a totally new model, Amber Davies! I didn't even have to tell Stacy to spank Amber harder, she went for it!' Enjoy previously unseen footage in this new Director's Cut!
March 06Helen Stephens takes ten swats with a school paddle, bare bottom jiggling…She's just been spanked with a ping pong paddle, but now Helen Stephens faces ten swats with a Texas school paddle across her bare, bouncing buttocks in Marks Out of Ten. Navy colleague Belinda Lawson winces as her friend takes her warning punishment from Capt Johnson.
Kelly Morgan spanked in school uniform - Director's Cut with unseen content!Her bare, gym-toned tanned cheeks bounce as she's soundly spanked, bottom bare, over Mr Strickman's knee. 'He spanks hard and fast,' said the petite gymnast. Watch for a short-out-take and slow-mo cheek jiggling action!
Helen Stephens bare bottom spanking with a ping pong paddleLooking every bit the hot naval cadet in her uniform, Helen Stephens won an attachment to the US Navy - a real privilege. But first, strict disciplinarian Captain Johnson decides Helen needs a spanking! Navy uniform skirt lifted, panties pulled down, she kneels on a bench in Marks Out of Ten.
Stunning Tara's nude spanking: Director's Cut, previously unseen footage'I'd never been topless in front of a camera, let alone spanked nude,' says Tara. 'It was my first spanking shoot, I was nervous with the crew watching, but they were so supportive.' Adds Sally, 'Tara is magical and superhot on camera, it was a great series to edit.'
Bare strapping for wearing inappropriate clothing: Belinda Lawson feels the burn!
Dani Daniels nude spanking - new reaction cam version, previously unseen footage
Helen Stephens reports for a discipline session in school uniform: BIG mistake!
Dani Daniels shows that crying doesn't mean quitting- A new Editor's Choice
Amelia Rutherford's caning finale is as spectacular as we'd expect from this star!
Stripped nude, Belinda Lawson and Helen Stephens face the fury of Capt Johnson
Ashley Thomas 12-swat school paddling Reaction Cam special, plus interview
Will a leather paddle on her bare bottom stop Belinda Lawson gossiping?
Loose talk costs Belinda Lawson a sound bare bottom spanking
Bare bottom caning for Amelia Rutherford is a challenge she's willing to accept
Helen Stephens has her bare bottom soundly spanked in a summer garden!
Stripped naked for extra swats with a wooden paddle, Helen Stephens is bent over
Bare bottom paddling for Amelia Rutherford in Doctor's Orders
Paddled on a skintight army costume uniform: Helen Stephens feels the burn!
Bare bottom paddling - Belinda Lawson grabs her ankles for 10 blistering swats
Provocative nurse Rutherford gets more than she bargained for: a paddling!
Evaluation time at a military academy: Belinda Lawson faces 10 with a paddle!
Bare bottom paddling for Helen Stephens after failing to achieve standards
It's time for nurse Amelia Rutherford to feel the sting of Dr Grey's new paddle!
Bare bottom slippering for Belinda Lawson, lying over a trestle in a garden

Editors Choice - March 19, 2019

Cheerleader Rosie Munroe is paddled and strapped on game day!
Sassy Helen Stephens spanked with a ping pong paddle, jiggling bottom bare
Witness the harsh crack of a leather strap across Helen's beautiful bare bottom!
Sleeping with a competition judge costs Lyra Bryant a butt whipping to remember
A stinging wooden hairbrush warms Amelia Rutherford's bare bottom
Amelia Rutherford right royal bare bottom spanking with a thick wooden ruler
Stripped naked, two beauties bend over together as Helen is caned for theft
Delta Howser touches her toes for an epic, eye-watering 15-stroke finale caning
Disrupting class and profanity cost Rosie Munroe a bare bottom paddling
Will a bare bottom spanking test Lilian White's jiggling booty?
Fitness Fanatic Lyra Bryant gets a squat workout with a difference - a spanking
Lyra Bryant makes her spanking debut in the all new Fitness Fanatic !
Pre-wedding caning finale on Amelia Rutherford's perfectly peachy bare bottom
Will a riding crop across her bare bottom test Alison Miller to the limit?
10-swat paddling for Kailee, jeans down: the principal means business!
Two hours late for a celebration dinner? Alison submit to 15 strokes with a cane
Princess paddled by royal appointment! Amelia Rutherford's blistering spanking
Hot New Series with Amelia Rutherford - Doctor's Orders !
18 strokes of the cane, bare bottom, for Lilian White's stunning finale
Smacking her bare bottom with a wooden paddle gets results with Lilian White
An Indiscreet Media Interview Costs Amelia 12 Whacks With A Wooden Paddle
Impressive six of the best with a cane for Helen Stephens, touching her toes
A medication error costs nurse Amelia a bare bottom spanking with a ruler
The whistle of a cane before it lands on her bare butt is 'scary' says Delta Howser
Rosie Munroe, a senior with attitude, meets her match with a spanking principal!
The heat is turned up for Belinda and Helen as they're strapped totally nude!
Katya Nostrovia is back - ripe and ready for a bare bottom spanking!
Bare bottom strapping at Reform School for rule-breaker Rosie Munroe
A leather paddle for bare-bottomed princess Amelia's sound spanking
Helen Stephens is shocked by the sting of a leather paddle on her bare bottom
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