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Firm Hand Spanking is a massive site that lives up to its promises of beautiful girls and perfect corporal punishments! If you like young students getting the hard spankings and corporal punishments they deserve, then Firm Hand Spanking is the right site for you! Have a look at these previews, selected from more than 2,300 (!!) spanking, caning, strapping and paddling videos, together with more than 60,000 High Quality Photo Artwork.

January 20Amelia Rutherford's caning finale is as spectacular as we'd expect from this star!Her pleasure in punishment from Dr Earl Grey leads her to submit to a blistering, bare bottom-striping 18 strokes of the cane, adding six extra herself before a final hand spanking and blissful surrender.
January 18Stripped nude, Belinda Lawson and Helen Stephens face the fury of Capt JohnsonQuestioning Captain Johnson's motives in punishing them so frequently and suggesting he enjoys a good spanking (surely not?!) leaves Belinda Lawson and Helen Stephens stripped naked in the garden before marching to his office for a caning.
January 14Ashley Thomas 12-swat school paddling Reaction Cam special, plus interviewWe asked our four editors for their favorite videos of all time. Says editor Maxine Wallace, 'I was blown away by this first-timer taking a hard paddling, looking directly at the camera so you see every emotion as she struggles to take the sting of the paddle.
January 11Will a leather paddle on her bare bottom stop Belinda Lawson gossiping?Curvy blonde Belinda Lawson has already been spanked over Captain Johnson's knee. Now she bends over a garden table to feel the intense sting of a leather paddle across her jiggling bare buttocks, with Helen Stephens holding her wrists! Epic Reaction Cam.
January 09Loose talk costs Belinda Lawson a sound bare bottom spankingTelling other crew members that she's been spanked by a retired navy captain in Marks Out of Ten was bound to cause gossip. The secret discipline arrangement is a secret no more and Belinda follows Helen Stephens over Captain Johnson's knee for a buttock-bouncing bare spanking.
Bare bottom caning for Amelia Rutherford is a challenge she's willing to acceptInvited to the country club with Dr Grey, how can Amelia Rutherford refuse his offer of a caning to make sure she behaves properly? It's a flimsy excuse to bend the statuesque Amelia over his desk and lay a springy cane 12 times across her bare buttocks.

Editors Choice - January 22, 2019

Tears from a spanking with the dreaded hairbrush for sexy Katya Nostrovia
Helen Stephens takes a Reform Academy strapping on leggings and bare bottom
Creativity needs motivation: struggling artist Delta Howser is soundly spanked!
Serious dress code offense gets tall senior Rosie Munroe a spanking!
Motivation means a spanking for artist Delta Howser, peachy bottom bared
The dreaded wooden hairbrush - Alison Miller accepts The Challenge !
Tough training for Fitness Fanatic Lyra Bryant, with a strap and tawse
Belinda Lawson's bare bottom blistered long and hard with a wooden paddle!
Hairbrush spanking for flame-haired Alison Miller turns her bottom blazing red
Lyra Bryant makes her spanking debut in the all new Fitness Fanatic !
Tight jeans, hot cheerleader and a school paddle: Lisa Langley in The Principal's Office
Missed training sessions costs Lyra Bryant a butt-rippling bare-ass strapping
The paddle makes stunning Helen Stephens sorry for wearing a cheer uniform
Bare bottom strapping at Reform School for rule-breaker Rosie Munroe
Strapped to the max! Alison Miller's painful journey into Domestic Discipline
A wooden paddle, two curvy bare bottoms: Belinda and Helen feel the burn!
12 swats of the paddle for Helen Stephens in The Principal's Office for cheating
Two hours late for a celebration dinner? Alison submit to 15 strokes with a cane
Cheerleader Rosie Munroe is paddled and strapped on game day!
Smacking her bare bottom with a wooden paddle gets results with Lilian White
Ordered to strip naked, Helen Stephens is lifted on Belinda's back for the cane!
Six Stinging Strokes Of The Cane For Belinda, Held Totally Nude On Helen's Back
Two stunning government employees get their bottoms burned!
Stripped naked, two beauties bend over together as Helen is caned for theft
A heavy leather strap tests Alison Miller's bare bubble butt to the max
A bare-ass belting for artist Delta Howser as she discovers the price of inactivity
Bent over, touching her toes, Rosie Munroe waits for 12 strokes of the cane
Red hair, red dress - and now a red ass: Alison Miller meets a riding crop!
Grand finale of Alison Miller's challenge: a 30-stroke bare bottom caning!
Drinking her lover's expensive scotch costs Alison a bare bottom tanning