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Firm Hand Spanking - Free Movie Previews

Join our Free Newsletter Firm Hand Spanking is a massive site that lives up to its promises of beautiful girls and perfect corporal punishments! If you like young students getting the hard spankings and corporal punishments they deserve, then Firm Hand Spanking is the right site for you! Have a look at these previews, selected from their more than 2,000 spanking, caning, strapping, flogging and paddling videos online.

Strapped for stripping at a club and lying about it: Katya's buns burned!

Katya Nostrovia wants to earn some bucks, even though Sugar Daddy John Friday pays all the bills. But when she's discovered stripping at a local club, there's only one outcome: a sore bottom. Kneeling on a low table, Katya's bare buns feel the sting of John's leather strap as he lets her know he ...

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  73.5 %
Politician's wife Amelia Rutherford drives her husband to spanking her

Welcome back to Amelia Rutherford in her very own all-new series, Politics of Discipline, which she writes, directs and stars in as a politician's demanding wife. What is one to do with someone so impossible, a true diva? Spank her bottom of course - so Earl Grey applies his hand vigorously to her ...

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  82.5 %
Belinda Lawson is back in an all-new bottom-reddening series of Asking For It

Stunning Belinda Lawson is back in an all-new Asking For It, seeking corporal punishment for work issues. "I believe a spanking is exactly what I need," she tells Earl Grey before she goes over his knee, panties pulled swiftly down to bare her Perfect-10 bottom for a resounding spanking. Spectacular ...

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  75.9 %
Out clubbing all night spending money? It's a bare bottom paddling for Katya!
HDspankingm/fwooden paddle

Getting home drunk and spending $5,000 is not a good plan when Sugar Daddy John Friday is waiting with a wooden paddle! Katya Nostrovia loves clubbing with her friends but there's a price to pay: having her bare bottom soundly paddled 12 swats. Bouncing butt and loud yells: full Reaction Cam replay ...

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  73.2 %
Finale paddling for Celebrity Brat fires up Lilian White's bare bottom
HDspankingm/fwooden paddle

Lilian is sent home from school for putting gum in a girl's hair, so uncle John decides to break out the board of education. 10 swats across her bubble butt, five of them on bare skin, should teach Lily that respecting other students is important. Reaction Cam replay and dramatic flesh-quivering ...

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  79.8 %
Alison Miller reports to The Principal's Office for a painful 10-swat paddling
HDspankingm/fwooden paddlejeans spanking

Denim jeans stretched across her jutting buttocks, Alison Miller feels the burn of Principal Friday's paddle when she's found making out with a boy. The Principal's Office proves that a sound spanking works: "The sting of that paddle would stop me being bad at school," laughs Alison. "It packs a ...

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  73 %
     72% · Spanked for having her boyfriend visit without permission: Lilian White pays
     70% · First totally nude caning for Alison Miller, as that fine bubble butt is striped
     71% · Bouncing booty delight as Katya's bare cheeks are paddled by her boyfriend
     80% · Katya Nostrovia bends over for a bare belting from her boyfriend
     72% · The cane stripes Lilian White's creamy, bare bubble butt 13 times
     77% · The rhythmic crack of leather on bare ass means Alison Miller's in trouble again
     74% · Glamorous Katya Nostrovia takes a bare bottom spanking from her Sugar Daddy
     76% · Lilian gets a bare bottom strapping for sneaking over to her parents' home
     76% · Blonde hottie Alison Miller goes over the knee for an epic bare-ass spanking
     76% · Lilian's 12 strokes of the cane, touching toes, for letting the dog out
     80% · Bare bottom paddling for Alison Miller after getting a $500 ticket in her lover's car
     73% · No job and not cleaning up at home earns Alison a 15-stroke caning
     83% · Bare bottom hairbrush spanking for Celebrity Brat Lilian White
     74% · Bare bottom soundly strapped - Belinda Lawson's Dreams of Spanking nightmare
     77% · Dreaded hairbrush spanking has Alison Miller squirming over the knee
     74% · Bare-ass 12-swat paddling has Lilian White's buttocks bouncing for theft
     78% · A bare-assed leathering with a strap teaches Alison Miller not to hit on other guys
     79% · Lilian White's bare bottom strapping for lying about working on a college project
     79% · Alison Miller's bare bottom spanked for being late to an important dinner
     71% · Leaving clothes all over the house means a spanking for bratty Lilian White
     58% · Marathon bare bottom hard spanking for Alison Miller after flirting in a bar
     57% · Amelia Rutherford spectacularly caned bare bottom for messing up a video shoot
     64% · Alison Miller gets a Principal's Office style paddling to instill obedience
     75% · Belinda Lawson dreams of a sound bare bottom slippering bent over a school desk
     59% · A booty born to be spanked: Dani bends over a desk to have her bottom tanned
     74% · 12 strokes of the cane for marijuana possession - Yumi feels the bite of rattan
     56% · A bare bottom spanking to remember for Alison Miller in her series finale
   60% · Will a paddling teach Alison Miller not to test her boyfriend's privacy?
     74% · Series finale has Dolliah Hart caned on her bare bottom as a sorority initiation
     56% · 12 blistering swats of the paddle for Belinda Lawson in The Principal's Office
     75% · Dress-code violation earns Yumi Bennett's bouncing bottom a strapping
     58% · Grand finale 24-stroke military caning for Belinda Lawson
150 smacks with a hand and bath-brush burn Camilla Scott's bare bottom
Dani Daniels spanks Belinda Lawson's bare bottom with a paddle for texting
Stephanie Murray grabs her ankles for a blistering finale paddling!
Anna Grant over Earl Greyss knee for a long attitude adjustment spanking
College freshman Amber Davies bends over for the board at her sorority!
New girl at school Sascha Bennett spanked for ?unacceptable hairstyle
Gym-toned bare buns striped with a riding crop: Kylee Anders feels the burn
Key trial witness Amelia Rutherford paddled for making phone calls
Will a riding crop make Stacy Stockton appreciate the value of money?
Kylee Anders reports to her school principal for her very first, burning paddling
A breakfast burrito costs Stacy Stockton a paddling in The Principal's Office
Belinda Lawson finally admits she likes to be spanked by her boss!
Caning finale leaves Belinda Lawson stripped nude and bottom striped
Hottie Tara Somerville spanked bare bottom in school uniform, over the knee!
Provocative yoga exercises earn Amelia Rutherford the hairbrush
Senior Kylee Anders is sent to The Principal's Office for the board of education
Double spanking and caning, bare bottom, for Kylee Anders and Stacy Stockton
Epic hard fast 380-smack double spanking with Alison and Stacy: unmissable!
Sassing sorority senior Dani Daniels earns Belinda Lawson a bare butt spanking
Dani Daniels? stinging wooden Jokari paddle sets Belinda Lawson's bottom alight
Amber's tears in her finale spanking show this hot blonde is truly sorry
Strapped to tears, Kylee Anders pays the price for sunbathing nude
Tara Somerville totally nude finale, breasts and bottom bouncing with a spanking!
Spanked and slippered at her own request: Belinda Lawson's bottom reddens up

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