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Firm Hand Spanking - Free Movie Previews

UPDATED April 20 Join our Free Newsletter Firm Hand Spanking is a massive site that lives up to its promises of beautiful girls and perfect corporal punishments! If you like young students getting the hard spankings and corporal punishments they deserve, then Firm Hand Spanking is the right site for you! Have a look at these previews, selected from their more than 2,000 spanking, caning, strapping, flogging and paddling videos online.

Apr 20A bare-assed leathering with a strap teaches Alison Miller not to hit on other guys

Hitting on her boyfriend's brother was dumb, admits Alison Miller in Domestic Discipline. It's no surprise that John Friday decides to use a leather tawse for punishment, with Alison laid over the end of the sofa. It's not long before those tight leggings are down to expose her jutting buttocks and ...

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  78.5 %
Apr 20Lilian White's bare bottom strapping for lying about working on a college project

Playing computer games instead of doing academic work, then lying about it, is a recipe for a sore bottom when Celebrity Brat Lilian tests John Friday's patience. She's swiftly bent over a table, jeans down and bottom perfectly presented for a stinging leather strap. "That hurts!" complains Lilian. ...

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  79.2 %
Apr 19Alison Miller's bare bottom spanked for being late to an important dinner
HDleather paddlem/fspanking

Dinner with lover John Friday's parents isn't important enough for blonde bombshell Alison Miller to be on time. She doesn't even apologise for keeping them waiting, so it's a well-deserved spanking for her bootyliciousness! Domestic Discipline stings, as Alison is about to discover as her pants ...

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  78.7 %
Apr 17Leaving clothes all over the house means a spanking for bratty Lilian White

Bubble butt jiggling furiously, Celebrity Brat Lilian White's protests mean nothing to her uncle, John Friday. Her clothes are all over the house, she never cleans up and protesting "but everyone has a maid" just shows how spoilt she is. Dragged across his knee for a bare bottom spanking should ...

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  71.4 %
Apr 14Belinda Lawson dreams of a sound bare bottom slippering bent over a school desk

"I hate the slipper," grimaces Belinda after the first part of a severe slippering for not giving up the names of girls smoking on campus. Bent bare bottomed over a desk in school uniform for Dreams of Spanking, Belinda's unique series features point-of-view replays and multiple angles to enjoy ...

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  75.1 %
Apr 12New relationship, new spanker: Alison Miller learns disrespect equals a spanking!

"Are you telling me what to do now?" smarts Alison to her new boyfriend. "You seem to get off on disrepecting me and treating me like shit," John Friday snaps back before putting Alison over his knee and baring her ass for a resounding spanking. Those cheeks are soon jiggling and stinging red in the ...

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  70.4 %
     77% · Celebrity Brat Lilian White's visit with Uncle John means regular spankings
     74% · Series finale has Dolliah Hart caned on her bare bottom as a sorority initiation
     78% · Fighting with another student earns Yumi Bennett a stinging 10 with a paddle
     72% · Belinda Lawson's bouncing bare bottom epic spanking fast and hard, non-stop
     74% · Panties down for a sound spanking: petite Dolliah Hart feels the sting!
     74% · 12 strokes of the cane for marijuana possession - Yumi feels the bite of rattan
     77% · 25 strokes of the cane, totally nude: Pandora Blake pays for her tryst with Amelia
     79% · Getting fired from her job costs petite Dolliah Hart a 15-swat paddling
     77% · Yumi Bennett spanked long and hard for willfully breaking school dress-code
     79% · 24 strokes of the cane, totally naked, for "immoral" Amelia Rutherford
     74% · Traditional over-the-knee spanking for bratty Dolliah Hart
     70% · Alcohol on campus? Yumi Bennett's bare bottom strapped and spanked
     72% · 36-strike bare bottom birching for Pandora Blake: takes the blame for Amelia
     75% · The dreaded wooden paddle leaves its mark on Dolliah Hart's bare bottom
     79% · 16 strokes of the cane for cheating on a test: Yumi Bennett pays a painful price
     80% · Strapped bare bottom with her uncle's belt after a mouth-soaping for profanity
     76% · Bare cheeks turned a bouncing red, Dolliah Hart learns to ask permission
     76% · Stealing from other students? It's a bare bottom paddling for Yumi Bennett!
     80% · Amelia Rutherford's bare bottom thrashed with a switch for bad school report
     76% · Riding whip punishment for petite Dolliah Hart for taking her sister's food
     65% · Keep things tidy or you get a spanking and the strap: Alison's bottom burns!
     79% · Dolliah Hart finds out that a sore bottom is the swift result for disobedience
     61% · Dani Daniels Spanking Audition videos discovered!
     60% · Samantha Woodley feels a stinging leather tawse across her jiggling bare bottom
     63% · Amazing, butt-burning paddling and caning for Alison Miller: simply the best!
     54% · Totally nude Dani Daniels bends over for a blistering spanking in Naval Discipline
     62% · Bare bottom paddling for alcohol reduces pretty Corinne Hopkins to tears
     58% · Grand finale 24-stroke military caning for Belinda Lawson
     64% · Strapped and paddled: Belinda Lawson's Dreams of Spanking turns up the heat
     56% · Belinda's bare bottom bounces from the strap and dreaded stinging slipper
     57% · Spanked for missing drill: Melanie Taylor pays the penalty with her booty
     65% · Bare bottom attitude adjustment for Corinne Hopkins with a hand and belt
Jodi Biltmore paddled for theft, feeling the burn of the board on bare skin!
Amber's tears in her finale spanking show this hot blonde is truly sorry
Stinging bare bottom 150 smack hairbrush spanking for Belinda Lawson
Cut-off denim shorts are not allowed at school: Belinda takes the paddle
A super-red bottom teaches Stacy Stockton the value of money
Super-hot, sexually charged Dani Daniels gets it off with a spanking
New girl at school Sascha Bennett spanked for ?unacceptable hairstyle
Trying to leave the safe house costs Amelia Rutherford a bare bottom caning
Key trial witness Amelia Rutherford paddled for making phone calls
Strict Reform Academy lights up Jodi Biltmore bare bottom with a paddling
Sassy college freshman Amber Davies spanked bare for disrespect
Blistering 13-swat paddling tests Belinda Lawson's bouncing bottom
Lateness and sarcasm get Belinda Lawson 19 strokes of the cane, bottom bare
Tears as Monica Bouget takes a bare bottom 70-swat spanking in her finale
Bottom bouncing, Karen Hughes is soundly spanked for her second tardy to work
The hottest, sexiest spanking ever shot at Firm Hand: Dani Daniels rules!
Anna Grant over Earl Greyss knee for a long attitude adjustment spanking
Provocative yoga exercises earn Amelia Rutherford the hairbrush
Dani Daniels takes a yard stick to Belinda Lawson's bare bottom
Ultra-flexible gymnast Anna Grant superbly spanked for misuse of her cellphone
New clothes means a well-strapped behind for pretty blonde Belinda Lawson
Amber Davies feels the burn on her bare bouncing butt cheeks
Will a bare bottom strapping teach Alison Miller not to cheat?
Teary-eyed Monica Bouget feels the burn of the board on her tight buns

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